Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

whwrcType: Wildlife Rehabilitation- birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles
Location: Friday Harbor, Washington
Website link: wolfhollowwildlife.org
Mission: To promote the wellbeing of wildlife and their habitats through rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife, public education and non-invasive research.
wolfhollow1How the mission statement relates to education: “The education is in some ways preventative. If people understand more about how their activities can impact wildlife then perhaps they will take measures to reduce the numbers of animals that need care. It’s a combination of just wanting people to be aware of local wildlife, understand them and have empathy for them, and to reduce human impact. In that way, we look at education as an essential part of the work we do.”- Shona Aitken, Education Coordinator

Lesson Plan: What is Fur For?

wolfhollow2Key words: Classroom, Fur, Adaptations, Experiential, Place-based, Inquiry, All ages
Description: This is a hands-on activity that engages participants’ senses to learn about local wildlife and their adaptations through a discovery of terrestrial and aquatic furs. A possible extension of this activity includes an inquiry project to test fur insulation.
Goals/ Objectives: Becoming familiar with local wild mammals, understanding the difference between aquatic and terrestrial mammals, creating empathy towards wildlife

Download complete lesson- What is Fur For