The Center for Birds of Prey- Avian Conservation Center

cfbopType: Medical Care, Oil spill response, Research, Captive Propagation and Education- Raptors, wading birds and shorebirds
Location: Awendaw, South Carolina
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Mission: To Identify and address vital environmental issues through medical care, research and education with birds of prey, shorebirds and wading birds.
How the mission statement relates to education:
“We understand that birds make an excellent teaching tool whether you’re teaching about bird biology, or whether you’re teaching about wildlife-human interaction or the role of contaminants in the environment, birds are a charismatic role model and an excellent environmental indicator.” Stephen Schabel, Director of Education

Program Plan: Free Flight Demonstrations

Key words:  Raptors, Wow-factor, Free-flight, Experiential, Conservation, Place-based education
Description: The raptor free flight demonstrations provide a “wow-factor” that surprises and captivates the audience while they learn about conservation, adaptations and natural history. Watching a raptor in free flight has a way of shocking the audience and providing a platform for species appreciation, understanding and an unforgettable learning experience.
Goals/ Objectives: Learn that birds are important, exciting, and fun; learn that birds are indicator species, they can tell us about what’s happening in the environment; learn that humans have actions that affect the environment.

To watch a short clip of the Free Flight Demonstrations, click this link:
Video clip of Free Flight Demo

Download complete program plan- Free Flight Demonstration