Teton Raptor Center

Type: Raptor rehabilitation, education and research
Location: Wilson, Wyoming
Website link: tetonraptorcenter.org
Mission: The Teton Raptor Center advances raptor conservation through education, research, and rehabilitation.
How the mission statement relates to education: “We’re trying to draw emotional connections to the environment through the stories of the rehab patients.” Becky Collier, Senior Avian Educator

 Lesson Plan: Progressive Learning Programs

 Key words: Outreach, Progressive learning, Community partnerships, Raptors, Stewardship, Sense of place/ Place-based education
Description: The goal of progressive learning plans (PLP) is to partner with local schools and learning centers to be part of a student’s’ education throughout their K-12 experience. PLPs can be conducted through multiple sessions within a year or semester and continue throughout elementary, middle and high school. PLP’s reinforce content, understanding, involvement, and connection to the community.
 Goals/ Objectives: A sense of place, active involvement with community projects, progressive learning, and community involvement and connection to TRC.

Download complete program plan- Progressive Learning Plan

Games and Quick Activities

Keywords: Games, Quick-activity, All- ages, Engager, Raptors
Description: These games and activities can be used in any setting and provide a quick and fun way to get participants interested and engaged with the organization or content topics discussed.

Download Games and Activities Plan