Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary

pawsType: Rehabilitation- Birds of prey, Small mammals (opossums, squirrels, rabbits), waterfowl, Songbirds, Shorebirds, Sea birds, Domestic animals (peacocks, turkeys, rabbits, ducks, geese, goats).
Location: Hubert, North Carolina
Website link:  possumwoodacres.org


  • To provide a wild animal facility for the rescue, treatment and release of sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife
  • To educate the public about and to promote understanding of the local wildlife and their habitats
  • To increase awareness of and appreciation for the value of wildlife and the environment, and to protect these natural resources
  • To promote the highest standards in all activities of the wildlife rehabilitator profession
  • To promote networking, communication, and cooperation among rehabilitators, wildlife organizations and facilities on local, statewide and national levels

possumwood1How the mission statement relates to education: “Educating people about ecological concepts and processes, if people don’t understand these things they don’t realize that they have an impact on the environment. We are looking at a long-term approach to educate the children of today who are the adults of tomorrow” Toni O’Neil, Director

Program Plan: CENTER Program
Key words: Community driven, Community partnerships, Holistic biofeedback, Animal handling therapy, Individual base, Self-care, Eco-therapy, Raptors

possumwood3Description: The Come Find Your CENTER Programs are self-care, therapeutic programs intended to help children and adults with ASD, PTSD, and TBI achieve physical and mental benefits that include sense of well-being, calmness, decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression, sense of community, and self-confidence. Participants can engage in animal and eco- therapy, gardening, nature photography and journaling.
Goals/ Objectives: Improving self-care and mental/ physical health; decreasing depression, anger, stress, anxiety; sparking interest in careers in the sciences; Understanding and engaging in empathy for wildlife and the environment; improving health and wellness through outdoor activities involving nature.

Download complete program plan- CENTER Program