Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo


Type: Raptor Rehabilitation
Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Website link:
Mission: Provide unique experiences in education, conservation and recreation that inspire environmental stewardship.
How the mission statement relates to education: “Education is one-third of our mission. These educational experiences get kids outdoors and use raptors to help kids care about the environment and become good stewards.” John Gallagher, Executive Director

Lesson Plan 1: Knee High Nature Hour

Key words: Preschool, Monthly event, Onsite, Multidisciplinary, Experiential, Community driven
Description: Knee-high nature hour engages preschoolers and their caretakers/ parents in nature, through stories, games, music and crafts.
Goals/ Objectives: Being comfortable in nature, appreciating nature topics, taking something away that they’ve learned and incorporate it into their growing brain, connecting parent/ care-taker to the value of taking their children outdoors.

Download complete lesson plan- Knee High Nature Hour

Program Plan 2: Birds of Prey Program

Key words: Place-based, Ambassador animal demonstrations, Human impact, Adaptations, Storytelling, Raptors
Description: The Birds of prey program uses ambassador birds to teach adaptations and connect people to wildlife through the bird’s individual stories.
 Goals/ Objectives: Appreciating conservation and wildlife, learning about birds of prey, and creating empathy

Download complete lesson plan- Birds of Prey Program