Center for Wildlife

cfwType: Rehabilitation- birds, reptiles, small mammals
Location: Cape Neddick, Maine
Website link:
Mission: To build a sustainable future for wildlife in our community through medical treatment, rehabilitation, educational outreach, research, and conservation activities.
How the mission statement relates to education:
“The medical side of our mission and the education side of our mission go hand-in-hand and complete a full circle” Sarah Kern, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Lesson Plan: Raptors, Reptiles & Mammals

 Key words: Ambassador animals, adaptations, place-based learning, raptors, reptiles, mammals, specimens
Description: The Raptor, Reptile & Mammal program uses live animals to engage the audience in learning about local wildlife and the differences between these animals, addressing misconceptions and making connections to human impact on wildlife.
 Goals/ Objectives: To connect people to their actions and the animals, understanding of local wildlife

Download complete lesson plan- Raptors, Reptiles & Mammals