Appalachian Bear Rescue

Type:abr Rehabilitation Center- black bears
Location: Townsend, Tennessee
Website link:
Mission: ABR cares for orphaned and injured black bear cubs for return to their natural wild habitat; increases public awareness about coexisting with black bears; and studies all aspects of returning cubs to the wild.
appalachian2How the mission statement relates to education: “Our part as K-8 educators is public awareness and teaching children. We live in bear country, all of the Smoky Mountains is bear country, but yet it is very populated with humans. So it is very important to teach people how to get along, how to react, the dos and don’ts of appropriate behavior when you live in bear country. We hope by reaching children at an early age, we will be able to educate the next generation.” – Kathy Sherrard, Leader of K-8 Education Committee

Lesson Plan: Be a Junior Curator for ABR

appalachian1Key words: Classroom, elementary, role-playing, place-based, rehabilitation process, cooperative learning, black bears
Description: A one-hour long, active, place-based lesson that utilizes role-playing and cooperative learning to engage elementary students in the process of admitting a black bear into the Appalachian Bear Rescue rehabilitation center.
Goals/ Objectives: Analyze data, work collaboratively, gain a greater appreciation for black bears

Download complete lesson plan- Be a Junior Curator

Junior CuratorProgram Manual and Report Form